Your Questions, Answered

Visiting other countries can be a great experience.  Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, solo or in a group, staying for a few days or several years, planning ahead can help ensure your time abroad is both enjoyable and safe. 

Frequently asked questions

What details do I need prior to booking with an Agency?

1. Number of Travelers 2. Destination 3. Budget (be very realistic, your budget may determine the level of luxury) 4. Travel dates (fexible or non fexible) 5. Quote Request form

Do I need a passport?

In general, it is good practice to bring your passport to every foreign country you visit, including Canada and Mexico. U.S. territories are not foreign countries, therefore you would not always need to have your passport to enter Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, or the North Mariana Islands. However, new ID regulations mean that, depending on which state issued your driver's license or state ID, you may be required to show a passport to fly domestically. This is due to the REAL ID Act, which instituted requirements for the information displayed on IDs used for air travel. Some state-issued IDs do not comply with these regulations, so travelers from these states would be required to present a U.S. passport at airport security. Click Here for more legal travel information

How to request a Travel Quote?

Please fill out our travel request form on our home page by clicking "Request a Quote" or visit our Travel Services Page.

How to make a Payment? (Initial booking or Payment Plan)

All payments requires a Card Authorized Form to ensure all bookings are confirmed by our clients. 1.Visit our Travel Services Page 2. Click on Make a Payment, a file will be downloaded to fill out and returned via email

When can I attain my full Itenirary?

You're full Itenirary will be sent once travel plans are PAID IN FULL!

Why does LuxJourni charge a service fee?

Your travel agent is required to perform an extensive amount of research prior to providing a travel quote/booking. It is to ensure your safety and type of leisure. Think of it as working addtional hour to put together a packet to suite your needs.

Why have a "realistic" Travel Budget?

For all of the times I've traveled, I've noticed putting more planning in to my trip allows me to gain access to the Best vacation experience. Do not get me wrong...lower budget travels are also a Life Time experience! But the investment you put forth allows you to enjoy endless Happiness. Give your self an extensive amount of time to plan out your next trip with your travel agent at Luxjourni. The futher your travel dates are, the more you'll enjoy the entire experience. From the planning of the trip to returning home!